Kids Night Out

In the hectic, rush around world that we live in when our children are involved in so many activities every day of the week…including Sunday, how do we meet their need to know about the love of God and the gift of His Son Jesus Christ? It’s tough and many of us have been there and done that in our lives and we would like to help your family out.  On February 8th, beginning at 5:00PM, we will starting a youth group for the younger members of Bethel and their friends.  It’s called KIDS NIGHT OUT.  We will meet twice a month on alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays from February 8th through May18th.  You are probably sitting there reading this and wondering how did they come up with that Crazy schedule?  Well, we wanted to make participation available for as many of our kids and their friends as possible.  And after talking to parents it seems like this might work.  It’s plan, but plans can change if change is warranted.  We hope the kids will be able to come at least once a month, but twice would be…twice as nice.  We will begin the evening with a lunch-able , but better becasue it will be home made.  We will be following that up with worship, lesson, games, crafts, and more as time permits.  Our goal?  To mentor and love our kids and help them to know more about the love of God and His son Jesus Christ.  If you are interested, want more information, or want to volunteer…that would be sweet… contact the church at 724-479-2465 or  Pastor Terry at 724-840-9770.  To register your child or to help use the link

                                                    We Look forward to seeing you all!   It is going to be an EPIC adventure!